“I encourage you to consider that I did not kill them, but rather was a scapegoat for a corrupt DA and incompetent police force. You see, I did not confess…in a rational fashion. This confession, which is factually false on many levels, occurred inside of a…therapy session. …I falsely confessed to murdering three people.

“…you must understand that, from what I know, almost every statement in the media is false. You know nothing of the truth, just like everyone else who isn’t [me]. And I’m not making that statement in an angry tone: I am just stating fact: nobody knows anything. I served as the [state of incarceration] scapegoat, and I was an easy target. I knew the outline of the house and was mentally ill – how could I successfully defend myself, especially as a minor. In all of their fruitless investigation, they were forced to fabricate evidence and manipulate my statements, from mental health documents, made while I was deemed mentally incompetent, to create this motive that I had an incessant need to kill other people, despite no prior history of lethal violence against other living creatures, like my pets. Heck, no violence against other living creatures at all.

“This is the situation in which I live: people are afraid because three people are brutally murdered in their home, and people like [the DA] and the police promise to protect them. The community is now partial, and reliant, upon the establishment – they trust their leaders and protectors. This trust allows the establishment to spread whatever lies they must and those lies will be believed. Therefore, no matter who was targeted by the police and the DA, the suspect was going to be demonized and convicted. DA [last name] and the [police department] chief of police announced my guilt on the day of my arrest before they even collected any evidence. What happens when you tell your dependents that they’re safe, only to find out you got the wrong guy? Oops. Now they had to do something to save themselves, even if it meant convicting an innocent 16 year old boy. Our leaders and protectors are humans also: imperfect and self-serving. Self-preservation kicks in and fingers will be pointed: [defendant] is a vicious, cold-blooded, triple murderer. Put him away forever. I am the scapegoat.

“This is the reality of my situation and the community is fine with this because my imprisonment is more comforting than the truth. How damned we are when we ignore the truth because it’s ugly. This is the world we live in. Our leaders, who promise to solve our problems, allow them to be created or create the problem themselves. The state…is an excellent example of evil, an evil establishment supported by an evil people. Justice is worth nothing so long as people feel safe and secure. So to hell with this crooked government and its blind followers.”