“…there are a lot of people who don’t believe that I did it and many of those people don’t believe that I could have because of my extreme benevolence towards all people, even my enemies. But the man I am now is very different from the boy I once was. Back then, I was consumed by anger, hate for myself and others, bitterness, arrogance, aggression, hostility and violence. Needless to say, it turned me into a killer. Of course few people really care about the reasons behind my actions. They only see my crime and judge and condemn without even trying to understand. I am not at all surprised by this: that’s just the way people are. But they must understand that if they want understanding and forgiveness they must give that to others also. Few things in life are a one way street.

“The main one I can think of is from birth til death. Doesn’t matter how bad you want to, you can’t turn back time. One of my greatest desires is to undo what I did and take away the pain, but no human can do this. So we have to keep going. We don’t really have any other choice. I know a lot of people are angry and many people got screwed: including me. I didn’t choose to be born with mental illness.”