“Would you like to know the secret to overcoming misery? You must find purpose; find a cause that gives your life meaning. But, that’s not where it stops. You must be committed and devoted to this cause; awake eager and enthusiastic to pursue this cause, fulfill your purpose. Find joy and delight in doing what you do, even when things get tough. And I’ll give you another hint: The only meaning causes are the ones that cause you to give up yourself. Self-serving people will always be miserable – never having enough, always wanting more. Once they get what they want, what then? They may seem happy, but that happiness is shallow and has no roots. Take their treasures, and see what happens. The misery returns. Strangely, enlightenment, freedom, and purpose comes from service. In purpose do we find the will to live and so forth do we find value in our lives and the misery subsides. The road to finding this specific cause is long and treacherous, but worth the time and effort. And you just might learn something along the adventure.”