“I’ll tell you what though. For as much as I hate this place and my current situation, I’m glad it happened because it’s taught me things I would not have learned otherwise; provided me the necessary testing grounds to become me, the man I am today. And aside from general anger and patience issues, I’m very happy with who I am. Do you know how I’m pretty well on track with becoming who I should be? Because people detest what I believe. They hate the belief in a steadfast, unwavering, universal, ethical Law. They hate not being able to hear their own gods and decide what’s right and what’s wrong; that my code, God’s decrees, demand that they live for more than themselves. Oppose egotism and selfishness and people will hate you too… The poor, underprivileged and downtrodden will love you and the established will hate you. And so is a world ruled by mankind.”